The Scientific SriRudram.

​If Rudram and Chamakam are properly understood, one would know that they are not merely some sounds, syllables and meaningless intonations.

They have everything to do with the Science of human DNA, reproduction and prosperity and a prayer for the well being of all.

The following small clarifications would unfold it:

DNA and Mathematics in Sri Rudram.

In the Chamakam, in anuvakas or sections 1 to10, the devotee prays for almost everything needed for human happiness and specifies each item. But in the 11th anuvaka or 11th section of Chamakam, the devotee prays for the desired things not specifically but in terms of numbers, first in terms of odd numbers from 1 to 33 and later in multiples of 4 from 4 to 48, as follows:

“Eka cha me, thisrascha may, pancha cha may, sapta cha may, Ekadasa cha may, trayodasa cha may, panchadasa cha may, saptadasa cha may, Navadasa cha may, ek trimshatis cha may, trayovimshatis cha may, Panchavimshatis cha may, saptavimshatis cha may, navavimshatis cha may, Ekatrimshatis cha may, trayatrimshatis cha may, panchatrimshatis cha may, Chatasras cha may, ashtou cha may, dwadasa cha may, shodasa cha may, Vimsatis cha may, chaturvimshatis cha may, ashtavimshatis cha may, Dwathrimashatis cha may, shatstrimshas cha may, chatvarimshas cha may, Chatuschatvarimshas cha may, ashtachatvarimshas cha may”

which means:

“Let these be granted to me. One, three, five, seven, nine, eleven, thirteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty one, twenty three, twenty five, twenty seven, twenty nine, thirty one and thirty three as also four, eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty, twenty four, twenty eight, thirty two, thirty six, forty, forty four and forty eight”.

Traditional scholars and pandits explain the significance of these numbers as follows:


1 = Nature or Prakriti

3 = The three gunas, namely sattwa, rajas and tamas

5 = The five mahabhutas, or the five basic elements, that is, prithvi, ap, tejas, vayu and akasha, (earth, water, energy or agni or fire, wind and space).

7 = The five sensory organs and the mind and intellect

9 = The nine openings in the human body, called the navadwaras.

11 = The ten pranas and the Sushumna nadi

13 = Thirteen Devas

15 = The nadis or nerve centres in the human body

17 = The limbs of the human body

19 = Medicinal herbs

21 = Important vulnerable parts of the body

23 = Devas controlling serious diseases

25 = Apsaras in heaven

27 = Gandharvas

29 = Vidyut Devas

31 = Worlds

33 = Devas


4 = The four ideals of human life, namely dharma, artha, kama and moksha,

(righteous way of life, wealth, desire, and salvation)

8 = The four Vedas and the four upavedas

12 = Six vedangas and six shastras.

16 = Knowledge to be obtained from God

20 = The Mahabhutas

24 = The number of letters in the Gayatri mantra. 

28 = The number of letters in the Ushnik mantra.

32 = The number of letters in the Anushtup mantra.

36 = The number of letters in the Brihati mantra.

40 = The number of letters in the Pankti mantra.

44 = The number of letters in the Trushtup mantra 

48 = The number of letters in the Jagati mantra 

According to Dr Sasidharan, these numbers represent a polymer chain of molecules that form apa or water that enables evolution of life and intelligence, and apa is nothing but the nitrogenous base pairs of the DNA. The numbers 1 to 33 represent the 33000 base pairs of mitochondrial base pairs of DNA. The numbers 4 to 48 represent the 48 million nuclear bases of DNA. The two sets of DNA bases combine to provide sustenance of human wellbeing and onward evolution of human life. When the devotee prays for the blessing of these numbers, actually he is praying for bestowing on him all these DNA bases which conduce to sustenance of human wellbeing and happiness.

PS. This is an interesting post I got in a WhatsApp group. I wanted to share the science involved in SriRudram and hence the post.


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