An Ode to Fifty Years of Togetherness…

Fifty Years Of Togetherness

Life Spent In Loves Harness

Together Were The Days Many

The Two Always Bright And Sunny

You Bore Children Three

Like A Blessing From Thee

Three Plants You Grew Watering

Grew Big And Your Life’s Gratifying

Your Efforts Start Bearing Fruits

You Share These With All And Water Their Roots

Delved Have You In Misery At Times

You Have Overcome Many A Times

People Look To You For Help

Never Did You Flinch To Help

Out You Came And Helped

On Occasions Happy And Sad

Relaxed In The Life’s Autumn

Look Back And See Your Stratum

Life Has Taught You Both Many A Lesson

You Never Wavered From Mission

You Became A Model For Others

How To Be Fathers N Mothers

How To Be Brothers N Sisters

Keep Adding Life’s Feathers

Generations Shall Take Your Life’s Tethers


Written By Arvind Ram Kumar on the 04th February, 2016 Celebrating the 50th Wedding Day of  His Parents.


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